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Holders of intellectual property rights enjoy the following advantages of legal monopoly:

  • Exclusive right to use an intellectual property object at their discretion in any manner not contradicting to the law;
  • Exclusive right to dispose of an object. The possibility to sell, pledge, assign the right to it for a certain limited time within a particular territory and gain income from these operations;
  • Legal restriction of competition (patent monopoly).

Prohibition on third parties’ importing, selling, using an intellectual property object in the territory where the rights to an object are in effect, which enables to increase revenue and profitability level of the rightholder;

  • State anti-piracy protection
    Regional, national and international authorities take measures to prevent infringements and prosecute infringers of third parties’ rights to intellectual property objects; 
  • Capitalization of intangible assets 
    Intellectual property objects may form a significant part of the company's market value; intangible assets may be contributed to the authorized capital.

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