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Global protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights.


The Russian Federation's authoritative company providing its clients, both independently and jointly with foreign partners throughout the world, with a full set of services in the field of IP rights protection and with advice on efficient administration of such rights. 


Efficient solutions on acquisition, protection, use and assignment of intellectual property rights throughout the world. 

Working Principles

  • Professional competence

to propose optimal solutions and 100% act up to our promises aiming at exceeding the clients' expectations;

  • Honesty 

not to give impracticable promises, provide our clients with maximum information on forthcoming terms and expenses necessary for resolving set tasks; 

  • Reliability

to guarantee reliable and full legal protection within services provided to the clients;

  • Law-abidingness

to propose only legal solutions that do not infringe upon legitimate rights of third parties, interests of the state and society;

  • Confidence

to raise positive emotions and gain clients’ trust at all stages of cooperation – from acquaintance to fulfillment of set tasks.