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World Trademark Review-1000 (The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2013)

По версии портала www.worldtrademarkreview.com при проведении исследования WTR-1000 (World Trademark Review) ООО «Патентно-правовая фирма «ЮС» вошла в перечень рекомендуемых в Российской Федерации компаний в категории The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2013. Кроме того, в качестве ключевых специалистов отдельно отмечены Генеральный директор Сергей Викторович Ловцов и Олеся Захарова.

What the agency said:

YUS enters the listings this year following strong recommendations from a variety of sources. It has become particularly popular among foreign counsel referring into the Russian market: “It provides timely and accurate advice in a country that many of our clients still view as a new frontier. Alongside the quality of advice, responsiveness is a real highlight, and the way the practice is organised – so that we have one dedicated contact person – enhances the client service it provides.” It has been operating in the market since 1994, providing a full range of IP services. Trademark registration is the backbone of the practice, though its work on contentious matters, such as parallel import cases, increasingly draws praise. Sergei Lovtsov maintains a full-scope IP protection practice and heads the department. Olesya Zakharova is another useful reference point for clients.