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Intellectual Asset Management-1000 (The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2016)

По результатам проведенного исследования IAM-1000 (Intellectual Asset Management) ООО «Патентно-правовая фирма «ЮС» вошла в перечень рекомендуемых в Российской Федерации компаний в категории The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2016. Кроме того, в качестве ключевых специалистов отдельно отмечены исполнительный директор Андрей Свистов и начальник отдела изобретений Денис Левчук.

What the agency said:

Patent & Law Firm YUS is highlighted for the “extremely fruitful” relationships it forges with clients. “The team is packed with top-notch professionals. Responsive and efficient, they all possess an excellent command of English and a high level of substantive knowledge in their respective fields. Moreover, the services are truly tailored to clients’ needs and really cost effective.” The “very strong” Denis Levchuk is singled out for his “deep insight and ability to get to grips with the particularities of any case. He replies remarkably fast and it’s really easy to discuss specific questions with him on the phone”. Transactional sage Andrey Svistov joins him in the IAM Patent 1000 this year; he knows what it takes to get signatures on the bottom line of lucrative licensing agreements.