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Intellectual Asset Management-1000 (The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2017)

По результатам проведенного исследования IAM-1000 (Intellectual Asset Management) ООО «Патентно-правовая фирма «ЮС» в очередной раз вошла в перечень рекомендуемых в Российской Федерации компаний в категории The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2017. Кроме того, в качестве ключевых специалистов отдельно упомянуты начальник отдела изобретений Денис Левчук и исполнительный директор Андрей Свистов.

What the agency said:

Patent & Law Firm YUS has been up and running since the dawn of the Russian patent scene and has long cracked the code to success. “Prompt and efficient”, the highly valued one-stop shop offers “a flawless service”. A perennial favourite for globe-trotting rights holders, it has recently been representing the likes of Xiaomi, Rolls-Royce and Samsung; however, it also possesses “an excellent domestic client base”. “It compares very favourably to any other player here. In particular, it takes a more personalised approach and its response times are much faster than many of the larger firms.” “Ultimately, its services can be characterised by its great combination of value and quality.” “All of its professionals are extremely capable in their respective fields, but Denis Levchuk is one to highlight for his deep familiarity with patent issues.” He is “incredibly smart”, with “an abundance of knowledge and experience in intellectual property. Both he and his firm have such a long history in the patent business – you can entrust your most important matters to him with confidence”. This year sees the sophomore appearance of Andrey Svistov in the guide; an expert in IP valuation and due diligence, he is the first port of call for the disposal of patent and trademark rights.