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Intellectual Asset Management-1000 (The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2018)

По результатам ежегодного исследования IAM-1000 (Intellectual Asset Management) ООО «Патентно-правовая фирма «ЮС» подтвердило право быть указанным в качестве рекомендуемых в Российской Федерации компаний в категории The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2017. Кроме того, в качестве ключевых специалистов в очередной раз указаны начальник отдела изобретений Денис Левчук и исполнительный директор Андрей Свистов.

What the agency said:

One of Russia’s longest-serving IP teams, YUS “capitalises on its mid-market offering, handling work beyond the capabilities of a smaller firm with a more responsive and personal approach than larger outfits”. Traditionally the rights protection reserve of domestic operations, the office has continued to expand, receiving instructions from greater and greater numbers of major multinational operations (including Samsung Electronics, Nestlé and Xiaomi) and setting up a sub-group for pharmaceutical and biotech concerns. Denis Levchuk heads a technically gifted team, every member of which is “a top-notch professional that’s easy to work with”. Levchuk himself is “a particularly skilled prosecutor” of whom one beneficiary effervesces: “I would recommend Denis without hesitation; insightful and responsive, he communicates clearly and appreciates the intricacies of Russian patent law.” Levchuk “stays up-to-date on every development” and expects the same of those under his command; successes overcoming obstacles such as refusal or infringement can be traced back to his thorough grasp of the invention at hand. The company’s “high-quality, cost-effective service” is rounded out by a strong showing in transactional instructions led by executive director Andrey Svistov. A patent attorney with a shrewd commercial eye, Svistov knows how to shop for an IP bargain, coming home with numerous favourable deals for his diverse following.