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World Trademark Review-1000

По результатам проведенного исследования WTR-1000 (World Trademark Review) ООО «Патентно-правовая фирма «ЮС» вошла в перечень рекомендуемых в Российской Федерации компаний в практиках: “Enforcement and Litigation” and “Prosecution and Strategy”. Кроме того, отдельно отмечены Сергей Ловцов и Олеся Захарова.

What the agency said:

Successfully representing AO Grand Tobacco against Philip Morris in the Commercial Court is just one example from the illustrious track record of Patent & Law Firm YUS. Other clients include Societe des Produits Nestlé and Giorgio Armani. Founding partner Sergey Lovtsov is a rainmaker who leads by example. He maps out portfolio management strategies with care and creativity. His teammate Olesya Zakharova is another “go-to” choice. “She has substantive trademark knowledge and is exceptionally clear, responsive, practical, meticulous and cost-effective. On top of that, her English and communication skills are absolutely fantastic; international clients know that the advice they get will be clear and succinctly expressed.”